Product Manager & Maker

"I Create, Design, Develop and Distribute my CREATION! "


What I do?
I'm a Product Manager & a Technologist based in Eastern Europe 🌍.
I am from India but I have moved to different countries to purse my dreams.
India(Born) -> United States (Higher Education & Work) -> Belarus (Work) -> Next???

Cricket, Ping Pong, Hiking, Mobile Photography

My work

I worked at INDY (previously known as Tispr) as a Product Manager


Make it simple for freelancers to accept payment from customers in any format they want.

#1 tool among the portfolio of tools that offers by Indy.

Main Highlights:
It supports Zelle, Paypal, Stripe, Mailed check and Wire Transfer payments.It accepts deposits, allowing freelancers to be paid in advance before beginning work on a project.Integration of proposal and invoicing tools.Many more...
Launch: 2019


Marketing oneself is vital for everyone, regardless of the position or sector in which a freelancer works. Proposals on Indy not only make it simple to develop, but also teach on how to do it.

Main Highlights:
Various templates are supplied to educate the freelancer on how to design one and what to include in it.Two ways to accept a proposal: Formal(sign) and Informal (accept)Integration of Proposal and Invoicing tools.many more...
Launch: 2020


Contracts are no more daunting to understand for freelancers. Contracts on Indy allows freelancer to fill the contract with ease.

Main highlights:
Various templates in different industries.Simple way to understand and fill the contract.
Launch: 2019

Work In Progress...

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